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How to monitor what happening on your computer when you are not present there?

Dată adăugare: July 16, 2012 07:52:26 AM
Author: hidden keylogger
Categorie: Calculatoare si internet: Internet
How to monitor what happening on your computer when you are not present there? Advance keylogger software is capable to record and monitor what others are doing on your computer when you are not present there in easy and reliable manner without being informed to current user that they are under surveillance mode. Advance, keylogger, software, tools, monitoring, record, trace, keyboard, keystrokes, utility, observe, capture, visited, website, URL, screenshot, login, password, PC, computer, create, log, report, sent, email, attachment, document, hidden, mode Advance keylogger software is capable to record what your children are doing during online when you are not present there in silent mode. Company provides advance keylogger application to trace down keystroke and clipboard activities by pressing keys on keyboard. Advance keylogger program has capability to take screenshot of your computer at regular or specific period of time without being informing to current user. Advance keylogger tool is capable to monitor activities done by unauthorized users and saves them in hidden and encrypted log file to send to user specified email id at regular interval of time period. Spy software is useful to track multiple user accounts at single time provide visual surveillance in hidden way. Key logging technique is capable to perform real time monitoring by recording accessed application and system activities done by your children, employees and relatives. Keylogger application is capable to not to be shown in Add/Remove programs, installation files, start menu and desktop to record activities in mysterious mode. Advance PC monitoring utility provides enhanced and innovative technology to track and trace all user online activities like audio video chat conversation, emails transferring, visited websites, used applications and download details done by unauthorized users on your computer in your absence. Extraordinary Features:  Captures screenshots at regular interval or as per user specified time period in fully hidden mode when you are not present there.  Records audio video chat conversation, sending and receiving of email, website viewed, application accessed by users in secure manner.  Generates reports logs in text or HTML file format as per user instruction in completely secure manner.  Records history, password, URL, mail transfer and keystrokes activities at regular instances in safe and fully masked mode. About author: provides simplified and cost effective solution to record and monitor what happens on your computer when you are not physically present there by providing first priority to customer satisfaction. For more details: Contact Name: hidden keylogger Email: Website:

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