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Dată adăugare: March 15, 2013 01:37:08 PM
Author: Maisie Cortes
Categorie: Afaceri si Economie: Broker & Asigurari
The MC9060-G with RFID from Symbol Technologies is often a rugged mobile personal computer that capabilities integrated assistance for one of the most well-liked radio frequency identification typical EPC, the Electronic Product Code. By integrating help for EPC Generation 1 (Gen 1) and Generation 2 (Gen two) using a firmware upgrade, RFID reading and programming using a robust industrial mobile laptop, the MC9060-G is in a position to present an extraordinary degree of functionality appropriate to get a broad range of RFID applications. Combining RFID, bar code reading, imaging, 802.11 connectivity, a full 1/4 VGA screen and alphanumeric keypad, the MC9060-G with RFID has the flexibility to give your organization real-time access to mission-critical information from essential points in your provide chain. Enterprise-wide management and control in the MC9060-G is simple with Symbol's Mobility Solutions Platform (MSP). Several from the world's largest retailers, suppliers and logistics organizations are integrating RFID as a part of their provide chain processes, and RFID is quickly emerging as a essential technology across a wide range of markets and applications. Having a feature set that delivers exceptional information collection, communication and collaboration, the MC9060-G with RFID facilitates more quickly decision-making and enhanced productivity within a selection of environments — from the factory for the warehouse towards the sales floor. Regular provide chain applications of RFID rely on automatic reading of tagged things applying fixed readers installed at dock doors, mechanized conveyors, depalletization stations and also other "choke" points inside the movement of goods. However, when integrated using a mobile remedy, RFID technologies expands and improves the common functionality and performance of one's whole mobile application. Symbol gives a full suite of solutions, such as evaluation, design, installation, instruction and ongoing help for the deployment, management and continued assistance of one's RFID option. The rugged MC9060-S Series mobile computer from Symbol Technologies, The Enterprise Mobility Company, is developed for accurate mobile field applications. It delivers real-time visibility into your company's day-to-day company transactions for enhanced efficiencies, lowered charges and new competitive benefit. Built for harsh environments, the sturdy MC9060-S helps lower errors and strengthen productivity for field workers. For route drivers, technicians or law enforcement, it provides immediate access to mission-critical client info. The complete featured MC9060-S gives you a number of methods to protect your investment. Enhance efficiency with more rapidly software upgrades and future proof your investment with a additional scalable, flexible architecture. Opt for information capture and communication possibilities to meet your needs— from imaging or laser bar code scanning to wired or wireless connectivity. Choose Microsoft® Windows® Embedded CE .NET or Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket Computer Telephone Edition. These open operating systems (OS) support an array of applications including these that supply seamless integration with numerous back-end systems. Pocket Pc Phone Edition with wireless WAN-enabled configuration offers you enhanced options for voice and information communications. The MC9060-S presents a sizable monochrome or color show, field-changeable keyboards and an accessory portfolio. The feature-rich, modular MC9060-S delivers by far the most flexibility and investment protection. The MC9060-S is ideal for your mobile field application needs from direct store delivery to service automation to issuing citations. As well as the MC9060-S, Symbol options integrate advanced data capture technologies, wireless infrastructure, enabling software and high- ROI applications from our company partners. Symbol Enterprise Mobility Solutions make certain that your mobility resolution performs seamlessly and at maximum efficiency from defining your enterprise requirements by way of ongoing service and help.

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