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The Asian Family Flash Game Created By Chonny Or Mychonny Video

Dată adăugare: January 31, 2013 11:32:40 AM
Author: Vickey Bohannon
Categorie: Calculatoare si internet: Multimedia
The king of original flash content is Newgrounds. This website is known to most flash artists as "home". Here, the best games (and the worst) are showcased to the Newgrounds users to vote on. The scale, ranging from 0-5, has rated some of the most memorable Flash games to include Fancy Pants Adventure, Pico's School, and Alien Hominid (the latter of which was turned into a console game). Castle Crashers, another famous Xbox 360 game, was made by the owner of the site: Tom Fulp. Not only does the website have the best and brightest flash artists, it also has a "medal" system that allows flash gamers to collect points from different games around the website (similar to the Xbox Achievements). The Dart tower is the missile launcher of the game. This tower does massive amounts of damage to units. It is best used against a cluster of units. Each upgrade not only increases damage for each missile but the range of the missile. This is one of my personal favorite upgrades in the game. The weakness of this unit is the inability to hit air units of any type. I remember the first time my friend showed me Bloons TD4, we were just sitting in computer class, he had the game on his flash drive since most of the game sites were blocked, he played it for a bit and explained to me how to play (pretty easy to pick up). I tried the game myself, I was instantly in love with it, I'm a huge fan of Tower Defense games as well as the Bloons games, so it's basically like my two favorite game genres were just combined! For example, a crystal radio sets are very popular, and consist of a single project to build a crystal radio. Although they are working on this project, children learn about electronics and electricity, and which radio station functions. Monkey enjoys popping balloons, he always had even from the very original Bloons game, but now we are dealing with Bloons Tower Defense 4 which combines traditional tower defense games with the exciting look and feel of Bloons or should I say Balloons! Both mobiles have state-of-the-art integrated cameras, both 5 Megapixel with Autofocus and LED flash and capture high quality pictures and videos. The N96 has Carl Zeiss optics while the Arena has Schneider-Kreuznach optics. The LG KM900 Arena has added features like Geo-tagging, image stabilization ,etc. There is a secondary camera on the front of both handsets which can be used for taking self portraits or for taking part in interactive 3G video-calls with other such users. For more in regards to popular online games stop by

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